ABOUT WELCOME TO MATA JAAGI DEVI AYURVEDA & Yoga Research Institute official website

Established with a vision of making Ayurveda a part of everyone's life, 'MATA JAAGI DEVI AYURVEDA AND YOGA RESEARCH INSTITUTE' aims to create awareness about the efficiency and effectiveness of Ayurveda and alternative medicines among the people for promoting good health.

We tend to expertise in various ayurvedic therapies especially in Panchakarma therapy, which is one of the most essential therapies described in ayurveda and is done before practicing any other therapies of Ayurveda.

At Mata Jaagi Devi Ayurveda And Yoga Research Institute located in the capital Delhi, we have a group of expert professional doctors and vaidyas who has been working in the field of aryuveda and ayurvedic treatment for years to offer you the best services following the traditional methods of ayurveda without making any alterations.

Our doctors' firsts diagnose the root cause of the disease in your body and then start the treatment depending upon the major cause of the ailment to cure it from the root level.

The ayurvedic medicines provided at our research centre are totally based on the specifications of ayurveda and purely herbal assuring you an absolute benefit with no side effects.

Our ayurvedic experts are constantly engaged in developing new medicinal remedies and exploring new dimensions of ayurveda for different ailments by conducting various research works on real time basis to get the best results for the patients.

Mata Jaagi Devi Ayurveda And Yoga Research Institute offers you a variety of channels including online consultation with expert doctors, mail queries, through letters and personal visits to get free health related consultations.

So, get associated with us for the best results of treatment with the help of our certified doctors and avail the benefits of best ayurvedic therapies.

Mission: To take ayurveda and ayurvedic practices to every strata of society making it a common choice for everyone.

Vision: To help people improve their quality of life with the help of our products and services through constant improvement.